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WARNING: this is a rant

what is it with 'lads mags'?

why is there a sudden proliferation of them on my doorstep? why do I need to be bombarded with the sight of someone with their clothes off as soon as I enter the petrol station?

I have to say that I can't bear it! It really *!$$%£ me off. A little while ago my husband asked me to get him a car magazine whilst I paid for the petrol, but I couldn't find it...why?....because it was on the top shelf - somewhere I'd been told not to look from an early age.

But of course porn isn't on the top shelf anymore is it!? Noooo, it's right at eye level for any toddler to see, except it's not called porn, it's called a 'lads mag' - so that's all right then.

Except it's not all right. It is all wrong. And I just don't get why no-one is bothered.

It bothers me that it was so 'normal' for Chandler in Friends to be into porn and no-one thought it worth challenging him on. It bothers me that some men still view women as objects and it bothers me that some women collude in this objectification.

Don't we get it? Women to be bought and sold isn't a game - it is the way of life for the majority of women in the world and it happens to the most vulnerable of women in a most horrific way.

I've mentioned thetruthisntsexy before, but perhaps it needs mentioning again, perhaps it needs mentioning every day, and every minute of the day until this horror is ended.

I thoroughly recommend that you read Phylis Trible's Texts of Terror and particularly the story of the unnamed concubine - it will fill your heart with dread, and it should. I have written a brief summary of what Trible does with this story here on the articles page.

It ends with this thought echoing our responsibility to all women who have their lives bought and sold:

'Direct your heart to her, take counsel, speak'

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