what's that buzzing sound?

it's my brain going into overload.

I have now finished previously mentioned monolithic essay. However it is 1138 words over its word count and that's including the extra 10% that they generously allow us to play with.

why oh why is it that for every year that I am at college I seem to exponentially grow in the ability to floweth over with unnecessary words! when I started I had to do essays that were 1500 words long - now that is routinely the (least) amount that I have to cut out - grrrr.

my husband despairs of me - he says 'why use 10 words when you can use 50'. what can I say? I'm verbose (point made)

bzzzz bzzzz


dave williams said...

To be fair to you, I'm convinced that the normal lecturer's strategy is to work out what is a reasonable word count and then subtract 1000 words from that!

So what are you going to do -extensive shoving of stuff into footnotes?

David said...

You get 10% over????

Man, if we're a word over the limit, we're stuffed! O for 10%!

Well done on finishing! :)

jody said...


Dave - ha ha, yes that strategy has been used, along with changing sentences that include phrases 'may possibly have been' to 'is' - well, certainty is good, right?

David - I know, lucky us :-), but I'm sure there is a law (parkinson's law?) which stipulates that the number of words in the essay will expand to fit the word count given.

dave williams said...

The only problem is that doesn't work when instead of wordcount it's do this essay in 30 minutes -and your brain tells you there's 2 hours of essay in there

Mind you its happened the other way -ano hour of exam time and only 20 minutes of relevant material in my head!

Three exams down -one to go and it's Hebrew uh oh