dave walker is a wonderful cartoon blogger who has asked us to come up with things that perplex us about church - this has of course meant that his comments section has become very long, for some reason many people have things that perplex them about church.

my favourite are:

tractor girl's perceptive comment: Why the person at the front has to use the word “folk” instead of “people”, even if they never use the word in normal speech.

and Phill's frustration about paint: I also find it perplexing that a church would spend 45 minutes arguing about which colour to paint the vestry! (in the end I think a fairly non-descript white colour was chosen).

brilliant dave! very therapeutic.

my frustrations were these:

why people basically want to say ‘I told you so’ - this is the basic foundational premise of the Rapture, Left Behind series etc etc. you know a kind of ‘please let the rapture be true, because I’ve left a very smug message on a video at the back of the cabinet….’

people who judge what comes out of your mouth by whether you happen to have XX chromosomes.

feel free to add your own suggestions.

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