resolution c

ugleyvicar is calling on CEs (conservative evangelicals) in the CofE to pass resolution C - 'what is resolution C' I hear you cry, well, go here and you can find out.

basically it's to do with preventing your congregation from being not only given a woman vicar, but also from having to have a bishop who ordains women. if resolution C is passed by the PCC then flying bishops, who do not agree with ordaining women, need to be supplied to do the necessary bishopy things for that congregation.

apparently a lot of CE churches are not passing resolution C because they're worried they might get some dodgy anglo-catholic bishop who agrees with them with regards to women but who also might believe that Communion is a Sacrament (whatever next...)

so, I doubt many CE congregations are now champing at the bit to pass said resolution, but, says John, they should be, because this will halt the process towards consecrating women as bishops.

so, here we have it, the CE strategy with regards women bishops is proposed.

make of it what you will - perhaps they won't go for it (a la dodgy anglo-catholic bishop stance) and perhaps they will (a la gunfight at the ok corral)

and what might us OEs (open evangelicals) do? I don't know, do you?

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