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this video is in response to Rob Bell's NOOMA video called Bullhorn (clip)

I find it interesting that, whereas Rob Bell talks of God loving us exactly the way we are, this guy says that the way we are, we are children of the Devil. Nice.


dave williams said...

Nice maybe not but the question is whether or not it is true. Of course as the guy says himself, there is a loving and caring way of telling people about their situation but we cannot avoid the fact that we must do that all the same. Jesus did warn people of the danger they were in -see e.g. Luke 13.

Of course it isn't popular in sophisticated circles to deal with these things but our responsibility is not to be popular but to be truthful and loving. Note by the way that he deals with DR Scare as well as Dr Love.

jody said...

yes, I don't have a problem with talking to people about the choice that they have, I do find it interesting that Rob Bell was talking about the type of people who are Dr Scary and this guy doesn't like that. Also, he talks about the way he doesn't like as Dr Love and the way he does like as Dr Reason - which I think belies what he really feels about the people he talks to.