I'm back and currently impersonating mr bean

so yesterday we drove back from sweet norfolk (more about camp later) and we got back around midnight - we had to leave camp a day early because my sister is having a 'thing' and we have to be there today at 4pm, so in order to have time to turn some stuff around at home, we had to leave yesterday.

for any of you who lead on camps, you will know that we are walking zombies at the moment, well that's my excuse anyway. today I did a very fine impression of mr bean, in that episode where he gets into the carpark without stopping to pick up a ticket. literally, in zombie mode, I followed the car in front of me as it moved forward and then looked in horror as the barrier started to descend on top of my car, but I zipped forward and no damage was done, except for the slow trickling realisation that I was now in the carpark without a ticket and was going to have to present myself as dumb brunette to the carpark attendants, something I have had to do in the past, not my favourite activity, and, of course, I realised that I SHOULD NOT BE DRIVING.

having wittily begged a ticket from said carpark attendants, I toddled into town, bought the thing I needed to buy, and went home.

my eyelid is ticking too.

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