school's back.......woohoo!

hello my friends

summer holidays are almost over, they've been hectic - blogging has taken a backseat, as you might have gathered, and I've missed y'all, so will be enjoying catching up on various blogs and doing some rooting around, as is my want.

one of the first things that I'll be doing is having a little look at the suggestion that Archbish Pete Akinola will consecrate a Bishop over this way some time soon - interesting.

to whet your appetites, look at this little pattern in the Reform conferences:

in 2005 Bish Martyn Robinson of CESA was a visiting speaker at the Reform conference - shortly afterwards in the November of that year he irregularly ordained 3 deacons in Southwark

in 2006 Richard Turnbull infamously spoke at the Reform conference regarding Conservative Evangelical 'strategy' and soon afterwards Chris Sugden and Paul Perkin drew up that infamous covenant to take to the Archbish of C. (which bombed because of most of the evangelical world having a hissy fit)

in 2007 Chris Sugden is the visiting speaker, and with news on the front page of the CEN regarding Akinola's desire for an English bishop, do we think that the CEs protesteth too much at the suggestion that Sugden is the first in line for the bishopric? after all he is speaking on 'an international perspective' and how international events affect the CofE.

anyway, that's enough for now, I shall be back later on that one, no doubt.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. It does all seem to be heating up, doesn't it? See what happens when good people go away for a while...

jody said...

yes, I think that it will be interesting to see what the Reform conference on the 16th Oct brings us.

funny - I tried to get on your website today and it wouldn't let me!, I'll try again, cos I take it you're definitely still there....

Karen said...


Do you think they'll do another video? Can't wait to see it Reform's website...Google...Youtube!

If they're feeling shy we always get someone in with a secret camera...perhaps Bruce Parry from BBC2's "Tribe".