it must be love, love, love

for the last few weeks I have been thinking a lot about loving in all its forms. love of God, from God, and the love of and for lovers, friends, children, family, enemies.

in a post a little while ago I speak of the unbearable love of God and this concept has risen up again for me whilst reading that book I was talking about yesterday which speaks of our desperation for and revulsion against God's love which ends in a crucified God.

'What is it about God's love that we must crucify it? To be loved as God loves: nothing could be more desired - so nothing leaves us more vulnerable. Nothing is more longed for - so nothing is more feared. Our greatest struggle in this life is not with sin but with receiving the love with which God loves us. It is love, not sin, that lies at the heart of the cross.' page 37

that chapter then goes on to talk about the rottenness which is at the heart of our economy of love. the notion that to be loved necessarily excludes another who must be 'not loved' to make our 'lovedness' valid. it is the thing that I have, over and above the thing that someone else has, that makes me lovable. our whole society is based on this rivalrous love. when Jesus comes with a love that is universal and unlimited, we crucify him.

it is a hugely risky thing to offer love, isn't it? it may be rejected.

and this kind of unbridled risky love is something that I seek with all my heart to do. it is risky, but it's worth the risk isn't it?

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