the alcoholic fundamentalist

i have to admit that a little smile played at my lips with this one....

if in doubt - asbojesus


Anonymous said...

I like asbojesus - some of the cartoons are very funny or very thought-provoking (or both). It just gets a bit old and tired for me. I reckon I might get depressed if I spent a portion of every day focussing on my frustration with people I disagree with. And (correct me if I'm wrong), but I've not yet come across a cartoon about loving fundamentalists. Like Jesus does. Lots. As much as he loves asbojesus.
But the words pot, kettle and black are ringing in my ears as I'm the kind of person who takes excessive pleasure out of mercilessly poking fun at people. I try to make sure they can take a joke first, but I often miss that mark! With disastrous consequences.
What's the point of the cartoons? IS it meant to change the perceptions of fundamentalists to see how others see them? To see the parody of their own position? If so, I would imagine it largely fruitless. Or, is it somewhere to rally those who dislike fundamentalists so they can poke fun at them together? If so, that's not very Christlike. Or is it just somewhere for the author/artist to vent, daily? Like I say, that would be quite upsetting (in my opinion!).

jody said...

hi richard

interestingly I didn't read this cartoon in that way. I read it as a someone who is a genuinely recovering fundamentalist, rather than poking fun at someone who probably wouldn't want to recover from their fundamentalism.

the trouble is that fundamentalism lends itself to going from one extreme to another - a few people, brian mclaren among them, have said that sometimes they find an alienated fundamentalist underneath the exterior of a liberal.

indeed this kind of mentality can morph into something else just as extreme. a hard thing to recover from.

asbojesus (aka jon birch) would say, I think, that he doesn't necessarily make a 'point' in a lot of his cartoons, but rather, invites comment.

the cartoon about marriage had about 300 odd comments!