well finally there has been some resolution to the case regarding elaine storkey's unfair dismissal from wycliffe hall.

and I can say unfair dismissal, it is no longer alleged, because the tribunal has vindicated elaine and wycliffe hall have admitted that they dismissed her with no grounds.

you can find various stories about the matter here on the 'newswatch' section and I'm sure that various bloggers will be up and running with the story very soon.

there is probably not a lot more to say really. wycliffe hall has been shown to have acted unethically, a good proportion of us already knew that was the case, but this is now proven in law.

why did it have to come to this? it is beyond me how the voices of those like elaine (because there were many more) were ignored and swept under the carpet until it got to the stage where this kind of action was the only thing left open to them.

but will the lesson be learned, I wonder?

the power play that has been par for the course in many CE circles will, I think, still go on, although my obstinate hope in God's communion remains despite all evidence to the contrary.

one day, we will all be one.

one day we will be naked before each other and it will be less of a shock if we attempt for truthful lives now.........

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