sometimes saying nothing is okay

according to this website, richard turnbull reiterated much of what he said in that video at a conference in the states yesterday.

among other things he is reported to have said that:

'he is not ashamed to admit that he is trying to call the Anglican church back to her Reformed heritage.'

and that he

'sees Wycliffe Hall as a strategic international center for Evangelical orthodoxy.'

at the end of the article it says that 'The basic gist of this ~15 min video [the reform 2006 video] is the same as what he shared yesterday in about 5 minutes at RTS, Orlando.'

seriously, someone needs to tell him to be quiet.

what this tells me is that mr turnbull has not learned one thing from the outcry at his words to reform in 2006. he still sees his appointment as principal at wycliffe as a strategic heist for the CE world.

bearing in mind that the college admitted the unlawful nature of elaine storkey's departure, one would think that a little bit of humility would not go amiss.

we're still waiting for an apology richard.

somehow I doubt that one will be forthcoming.......

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