I'm having a conversation at the moment, it's one of those conversations that seem to go round and round, particularly in evangelical circles and I'm a little undecided as to the fruitfulness of these type of discussions, but the alternative is that we just assume the answers and that's never good is it.

this particular conversation is about the nature of God speaking to us in scripture - if you've ever been in one of these conversations then you'll know how it goes......is scripture God-breathed, if it is then the words are from God, if they are from God then they are God's Word, ergo scripture is God's Words about Himself.

how many times did I hear that one.....

the trouble is that the words that are spoken from the pulpit (or wherever you preach from) are just as much yours as God's, aren't they? and if someone claims that they are 'just saying what it says in the Bible', then I'm not sure they've grasped the nature of scripture or preaching, or, well, I don't know.... is God really like that - the big puppet master in the sky?

either that or when I preach I'm doing it all wrong, 'cos it feels like the words are part of my very own DNA, rather than some ethereal message implanted from above, giving me the exact interpretation of that particular text - one interpretation, for all time.

someone once told me that what timothy actually says is 'God-breathing out', it's an ongoing action - scripture is God breathing out.

God's breath going in and through us, bringing us to life, every day, every hour, every minute, every second.







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