going a bit mad

you know, occasionally I do wonder about myself.

I think that today I've spend a little too much time 'thinking'. for the most part I don't mind that I'm of the reflective temperament and everything to me is of deeeeeep significance, it's part of who I am and I quite like it. but today it's given me a right old headache and so I prescribe for myself a trip to blockbusters for a film and perhaps a glass of nice dark red wine.

and if you want to know what it was that I was thinking about, you'll have to wait for another day, cos it's five o clock on a friday afternoon.

oh, just before I go, I bought 'songs for a revolution of hope, vol 1' today, which was done in collaboration with brian mclaren and makes me say words like 'fab' and 'brill'.

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