comfort my people

what does it mean to be whole?

is wholeness a state of mind, or a matter of fact? if it's a state of mind does that mean that wholeness is relative? if it's a matter of fact, who decides what the facts of the matter are?

when we meet someone who seems more 'whole' than us, what is it about them that resonates with that completeness?

the most whole people that I know, seem to be happy in their own skin.

I know, not very christian is it? all a bit postmodern. surely we're not meant to be comfortable in our own skin, surely we're meant to want to change?

well, that is true, I do want to change, become more like Jesus til I'm completely transformed. but along the way, I'm just not sure that I'm meant to feel quite so agonised about my current state as sometimes I think we think we're meant to feel.

I have this image in my head of walking alongside Jesus and sometimes we're strolling, sometimes climbing up a mountain, sometimes chatting, sometimes silent, sometimes I'm walking ahead, sometimes he is, sometimes it's healthy, sometimes it's not. but all the time I'm secure in the knowledge that he actually wants to be with me, likes me, loves me.

if it's true what those bumper stickers say and Jesus does, after all, love me, then perhaps wholeness is less about which bits of us are yet to be fixed or healed, a destination to which we aspire, and more about doing this journey with the faith that we are loved despite (and sometimes because of?) those bits that some deem broken.

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