the sky is falling in, the sky is falling in

I suppose I should write something about the recent report that was released regarding the 'women in the episcopate' thing and how it's all going to take so long and blah blah blah blah blah.

but to be honest I just, quite frankly, cannot be arsed to engage with this debate for longer than a few sentences.

I want to change the world, and some seem intent on sitting around debating if and when that may be able to happen. sorry but when did we lose the plot?

so here is a quote from the inimitable maggi:

Meantime, the good old Church of England continues in seemingly endless chicken-licken style discussion. In my more bleak moments it makes me think of Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Fresh Expressions? A Missional church? All around us there are people hungry and thirsty for the story we have to tell, yet all they can hear is our endless circumventions of an argument that is out of date.

Will we ever see women in the Episcopate? Probably. A while from now. And then another round of hissy fits and arguments.


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