some will have expected me to make some kind of comment about gafcon - the 'it's not an alternative to lambeth, it's not, it's not, it's not' conference that has just been held in Jerusalem.

whilst I, of course have my views about this, I think it best to have a 'discernment process' going on. the jerusalem declaration that has come out of it seems to say lots of things that I would sign up to, but there is much rumbling under the surface which makes me ever so slightly jittery.

I also acknowledge my immaturity in grasping some of the more complex politics - actually I see this as one of my strengths as well as a weakness, I am only ever involved in church politics because it affects the local church and its worship of Jesus, and this must always be about Jesus.

so I point anyone who wishes to find out about the ins and outs of gafcon and the conservative agenda to fulcrum which has all you need to know about who's saying what on this issue and where my friends and I will be posting and discussing gafcon quite a lot over the next few days......

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