saturday afternoon

i've never done an alpha course, i know terrible isn't it, but there it is.

i think i should probably go to one at some point, particularly because i met someone today who just didn't get it.

i didn't have anything to say about alpha because, apart from the fact that i know some people who think it's fab and some who think it's not, i don't know anything about it.

what struck me about the woman that i ended up talking to at a friend's birthday bbq was how intelligent she was. she wasn't to be confronted with propositional truths about jesus and forced to make a decision on how logical that was, she hadn't even decided that God existed, let alone that jesus was his son. she was well up for a proper theological discussion about the trinity tho and her husband joked that i was the problem for the rest of the anglicans at the moment (us women and our 'ideas' about being leaders, i mean what is our problem?) refreshing people to speak to.

i also spoke to a christian who spoke to me of her 'simple faith' which meant that she didn't need to ask questions (i definitely got the impression that the underlying message was that i wasn't to talk about anything which would make her ask any - it's okay, i didn't, i don't see it as a very productive thing to do in that circumstance), and a woman who is a leader of children's work for children with special needs who worships at a new frontiers church in brighton, but who didn't go to the conference recently in brighton because it was only 'for leaders' - the irony.

interesting the people you meet on a saturday afternoon at a birthday bbq.

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