a new humanity please

i've often wondered about the so-called 'feminisation of the church' and the incongruity with my perception that church as an institution seems to feed the egos of some types of men and the needs of some types of women, but really cannot be said to be for women in a whole and healthy sense.

those who seem to rant about the 'girly' nature of church seem to want to start doing 'manly' things for men which frankly just perpetuates the really unhelpful stereotypes that float around that 'men are from mars and women are from venus'.

however this report seems to say that whilst we've been thinking about women in leadership in the church, women in the pews have been leaving in their droves. (hat tip: rachel)

perhaps the answer to people leaving the church is less to do with going back to the good old days where 'men were men and women knew their place', and moving forward to the new humanity into which God calls us, which flourishes the personhood of both the male and female in relation to each other.

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