step up

okay i get it, some people don't want women in leadership in the church, but there are some of us who do...right?

well then why is it that when i try to find some organisations who are intentionally ordered for the flourishing of women in their leadership, i can barely find any!? and those organisations that i do find are ones that are deliberately about women in leadership?

goodness me, step up to the plate people, for all our sakes.

a couple of good sites that I've recently come across are rosie ward's blog at CPAS and sophia network, specifically for female youth leaders, but more generally for women in leadership at any level (and blogged by jenny baker, who could ask for more........)


David Rudel said...

I'm a little unclear on what you are looking for...are you lamenting that there are not many places where the structure allows and encourages women to be in leadership positions without having that as their express aim?

jody said...

Hi David

I am looking for organisations which intentionally remember women when it comes to leadership - that have an understanding that we are way behind understanding the walls that enclose women and actually do something about the sexism and misogyny that is so prevalent, sometimes more dangerously by ignorance rather than intent.

i know so many who would happily say they affirm women in leadership but because there is no intentional movement in giving space to them, there is little that is changing in this male dominated culture.

it is a challenge for us all and to be honest i don't expect much change from male heavy leadership teams - not because they don't affirm women, just because they don't see it as a gospel issue. so i'm setting a challenge, yes, but i am also aware that it is women like me who will have to do the pioneering in this.

Anonymous said...

Y'know, Jodie, it's good that Rosie's there -- thanks for the tip; but in her piece on Evangelical Feminism, it beats me how she can't (and presumably you can't) see that you could so easily substitute gays for women, including all the hermeneutical exasperation and the relegation of anyone who disagrees to the realms of the wicked "liberals" (see Nersen over on fulcrum.) You owe me an e-mail sometime; but meanwhile congratulations! Tony

jody said...

hi tony

yes, i do owe you an email (and laurence too), but life has taken over the last month.

i guess the root of the problem comes in genesis - it always comes back to the image given to us through which God is most fully imaged.

now, i understand your frustration with this on one level, it may seem naiive in the extreme, but actually i believe that a return to more whole understanding of male and female will actually benefit both women and gays, in the long run.

and I know you know that i am not one of those who relegates people who disagree with me on this to 'wicked' liberals. :-)