in abba's kingdom

in abba's kingdom
the dark night of the soul
will not overwhelm
but be an open space
where blessing floods in

in abba's kingdom
verbal sleight of hand
will be silenced
truth will spring forth
deceit swept away in the river

in abba's kingdom
friendship will bud
will not be quenched
by insecurity
by jealousy
by fear

in abba's kingdom
we will play
we will sing
we will dance


Rachel said...

Beautiful - thank you. I wanted to ask you are you still practising how to prophesy - it's something you discussed a while back about how you were starting your day? Did this come to you in your quiet time - thinking on such things and this gift?
love Rachel

Pilgrim said...

Jody, thank you: as Rachel says, beautiful...

dennisthemennis.co.uk said...

Hey thanks for that, its set me up for the day nicely.

jody said...

thanks guys

it really stemmed from a place of feeling a bit overwhelmed by stuff

and then i realised, almost after the fact, that i'd written really about 3 particular relationships which will either become healed, reconciled or more whole - in abba's kingdom (a term I nicked from an essay by graham mcfarlane : ), I imagine that these states of relationship resonate with a good number of people tho'

but thanks for your comments.

x jody

ps rachel re; the prophecy, it kinda got overtaken by other stuff in my mind, but i definitley plan to return it to my daily discipline at some point.