NEAC 2008

i'm going along to all souls on saturday to join in the consultation that is being offered to all those of evangelical persuasion.

there's stuff on fulcrum

there's stuff on ugleyvicar

personally i am going because if CEEC is going to make pronouncements on behalf of evangelicals then i'd kinda like to be involved in the conversation. however if it continues to be the 'rump parliament' that stephen worries it might become, then i suspect it will simply become more of a 'joke' than anything else - a bit like the 'covenant for the CofE' that was produced a few years ago and then died a death because it blatantly didn't represent those whom it claimed to.

besides, when ugleyvicar asks me the question 'Have they [open evos] understood Evangelicalism as (to paraphrase Gavin Reed from memory) the 'best expression' of Christianity available to us (certainly us within the Church of England)? And have they therefore been willing to stand up and say that if Evangelicalism is that 'best expression', then other, non-Evangelical expressions of Christian faith are not as good?'

i answer erm no i'm not willing to do that john. my evangelicalism is who i am, i was brought up an evangelical and cherish the good things it has done for my faith and spirituality, is it better than our mission-minded anglo-catholic church down the road, nope.


karen said...

Wish I could go - but you who attend are apparently going to hear from my bishop - the bishop of Birkenhead, the Rt Revd Keith Sinclair. He's a good guy.

jody said...

oh, just thought i'd say karen, that +keith definitely was one of those who was worth going for!