definitely weird

i've just finished the first draft of my dissertation. 12,000 words all out of my own head.

how weird.


Rachel said...

Congrats Jody, it's good to think of someone else pouring over studies, I've just come to the end of my Christology exam prep for tomorrow - just got to try to commit some of the things I've learnt to memory now to chuck out in the exam in the morning.

Was your 12,000 words required for a degree or a masters degree? I'm beginning to wonder what the next stage of academia will throw at me - would be interested to know - is it a Masters you are completing and is it therefore possible to really juggle all the studies with the family too or is it, as I expect, quite a challenge but definitely worth it.

jody said...

thanks rachel, hope your christology exam goes well - i'm sure it will, you'd be amazed what stuff just sticks to the grey matter like glue!

my dissertation is for my degree, which i've been doing since oct 2000! one day a week, with a year off for each child. it's been a long time coming! but it has been worth every minute - every anxious moment before an exam, every blank moment in front of the computer trying to get an essay done, every moment when you suddenly realise that your neat world doesn't fit any more - all of it is definitely worth it!

i had my two children in amongst all that, so had to work it around small babies, toddlers, children - but it helped to keep me sane. also you seem to be going through a similar thing that i went through in terms of church angst, and all i can say is that going to spurgeon's prevented me from having a complete wipeout with that!

my training at ridley is a masters and the dissertation there is to be between 15,000 and 25,000 words (although it says that they are normally closer to 15,000) - just to give you an idea.

praying for ur exam today