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wow, i'm a busy little bee at the moment

we've just bought a house in milton, cambridge, woo hoo! now trying to access schools - would you believe it, the school 20metres from the house doesn't have places for both the kids, just one; clearly that won't do - but it's okay cos the village down the road has places for both, phew. still, would be nice if somehow they could go to the (very) local school.

talking about bees (tenuous link), i'm writing a talk on deborah (her name means 'bee', for those who hadn't spotted the link.....), aaah deborah, how you inspire, frustrate, bring freedom and constraint! the answer to israel's cries, the woman on a mountain, the woman of fire... fire which symbolises God's presence, which brings truth and power, which ravages and brings nourishment to the ground so something new might grow.

deborah brings a challenge - she's the constant challenge to those who think that 'woman leader' is an oxymoron, she's a constant challenge to those who would like to make 'woman leader' simply mean something akin to 'xena warrior princess'. neither will do of course. but she is our archetype, the one we go back to - 'ah, but there's always deborah' - and so she will always be under constant scrutiny; some wish to neutralise her (wife of lappidoth), some to idolise her (fiery ballbreaker), some to crystallise her (God's plan B, we have good men to do the job now), some to generalise her (best person for the job)

who is this woman? deborah, a prophetess, ishah lappidoth, leader of israel? what do you make of her?

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Rachel said...

A leader, Jody, above all else and not because of a lack of men, as I have often heard preachers emphasize!

Well done with the house - it must seem all the more real and exciting now.