learning how to be friends

i've mentioned before that i have a good friend in stephen khurt who i met through being involved with fulcrum - he's quite good at listening to me when i'm having a rant and generally is a cheeky bugger and a right laugh, all things i like in my friends.

but yesterday something struck me as we were talking on the phone about the vagaries of life and in particular the life of the female ordinand. he's not just a good friend, he's good at being a friend.

over on fulcrum we're discussing what it means to really look at structures that militate against women flourishing in their training and lives as priests, hopefully there will be some seeds sown for future health in this area from these discussions. but ultimately, it's about learning to be friends with each other - something that is easier for some than others, and perhaps there is some mileage in those who are not so good at it learning from those who are.

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