my goodness it's june already - we've just got back from our main holiday this year, decided to do it in half term, as summer will be taken up by moving. unfortunately it wasn't quite as relaxing as it should have been for one reason and another (an 8hr delay at gatwick before we left didn't help)

but for me it was really the marker to the real countdown for leaving. we've got about 10weeks left now and there's kinda nothing in between. weird.

with these things i think it's important to do them 'healthily', if you know what i mean. not uproot before you have somewhere to put the roots down again. a long preparation for moving can mean that you do things before they need to happen - so that you're 'moving' for about 6 months and that can feel a bit unstable. but now it's 2 months and this saturday we go to ridley for an orientation day, we'll hopefully meet people who will become our friends, who will be those that share our journey over the next two years, and some, hopefully, who might share it with us beyond that. the moving on bit is now meant to begin...

so in lots of ways, june is a time for growth, it is the season of plene esse, fullness of wellness of being, as spring unfolds into summer.

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