new song old song

when i saw this i thought - wow! talk about recovering the old chants.

having spent a couple of hours in westminster abbey yesterday at graham kings' consecration as bishop of sherborne, and listening to the wonderful music that was part of the liturgical rhythm and reading through simon barrington ward's 'the jesus prayer', i think there's definitely something 'soul deep' about this way of worship.

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Rachel Marszalek said...

This is lovely Jody, I'm always looking for ways to sing liturgy etc and bought 'God of the Open spaces' the other day, replacing Morning office at college with the sung benedictus, which worked quite well. Overall, I was a bit disappointed with the entire CD because it's only 30 mins of material and not as expansive as I'd anticipated for how expensive it is. Thanks for this link though, I'll make use of it.

Saw your great snaps on facebook of your graduation - congratulations. Now for the Masters!

I have a friend called Eleanor Jeans who will start at Ridley in September (a gifted violinist). She will introduce herself to you.

Excited for you and what you have ahead.

I look back on my journey and think 'wow' and in a way it does not matter what the verdict is in July for me, God has been so faithful and brought me through some tough times.

I bet you do the whole 'wow' thing too about your journey. God is good!!

love Rach