pray for us

so this week is definitely 'church politics' week in my diary.

tomorrow i go to the launch of the 'fellowship of confessing anglicans' in the uk, and then on wednesday and thursday i travel to durham for our ref group meeting for fulcrum.

it's been an interesting time of it - we (fulcrum) seem to have been getting a bit of flack for trying to tackle some of the sticky questions that surround the fcauk, but i won't say too much about that because we've already replied.

but i would certainly appreciate your prayers as i go into this week - whatever you might think of politics in the church - for wisdom, discernment, patience, courage, love.


Rachel Marszalek said...

Prayers- you got 'em!
Rach X

David said...

Blessings and prayers with you and all the Fulcrum team. God bless you for getting stuck into all that Jody, you're a better woman than me! ;-)

jody said...

thanks guys

rach, let me know how this week goes!

david - after today, which left me feeling drained and bruised, your blessings and prayers are very much appreciated. :)