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so maggi tagged me (great new blog maggi...) with the music meme - with music that has taken your breath away, so here's mine:

about four years ago, i found kendall payne - she's written an excellent album called 'grown' which has many gems on it, but the one i want to mention most is called 'pray'. i first heard it sung by a couple who were leaving for missionary work in peru and was struck by the beauty of these people who were praying for us, those who were left behind, and asking us to pray for them. it is a song which joins us all together, those of us who want to follow this jewish carpenter and don't know what we're doing sometimes, or who stumble along the way, but who will do this journey anyway and get it right, wrong and upside down along the way. 'i will pray for you now' she says 'for you have been my faithful friends', 'may the castles and crowns you build and place upon your head, may they fall, come crashing down around your feet'.

even further back, at greenbelt, i picked up an album by juliet turner called 'let's hear it for pizza' (yes really) and, again many many gems on the whole album, so much so that i've got to mention two :). first one called 'indian summer' which gives a slightly jaded view of the back packing/summer mission idea, when we can come and go in the face of such poverty, flipping from the streets full of children, to our comfortable hotel rooms. as i quite often feel slightly jaded about such things it appealed to that side of me, as well as having such wonderful lines as 'and i never stand to protest, or shout against injustice because my arse is made of marble and i've got lead instead of lungs, i'm a stunning work of art, i should be hung'.

the second one is called 'platonic' and is about friendship between a man and a woman. it makes me smile because it's one of my complaints about the evangelical sub-culture, that men and women are not really allowed to be friends, such is the fear that surrounds the idea. as i said to a friend at the weekend though, if q and i can't do friendship with the other gender then we are stuffed, as we both spend most of our time in their company. juliet pinpoints some of the fears with the language of ordinary life 'all those nights in the kitchen, when you thought we might be kissin, we were discussin mustard in the dressin......'.

so there it is for now - 3 songs that have stayed with me over the last ten years and which say something about my preoccupations and life, which annotate the brainwaves that escape from me every so often. i'm thankful to maggi for so many things, but right now i'm really thankful that she's given me something i can write about :)

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