so, i've had a busy few weeks. my placement with tim was awesome, i then had a couple of days off to pack for new wine, which was variously dementing, ouchy and good - better because i'd decided not to do the seminar thing before i got there, good because there was much 'hanging out' with people, weird on some levels for things not able to discuss here. the thing is with new wine, that it's in my future because Q and the kids like it, and i like camping and being with people, but it definitely take energy to be there, and now i'm ill - *cough* see, terribly terribly ill :o

so it's now august, i can't believe it, i've already started thinking of work, ie college, i have to write an assignment before the end of september when term starts, and i've actually sent out a rota for prayer stuff - albeit, it's the smallest rota in the history of rotas, but still, a rota. it's great to be home, i have to say, and have my own space, i loooove my own space, but this 'august' thing has slightly crept up on me. i have a little anxious space down in my belly, the holidays seem to be going very very fast. this may be a good thing. i've been told by those in the know that the next year will whizz by, that it will be taken up with thinking of curacies, house moving, essay writing etc and then it will all be over.

now, talking about curacies, i'm waiting for a letter :/, it will tell me one of three things - 1. they are releasing me, 2. i'm on the list, but at the bottom and am free to look elsewhere, 3. they have a curacy for me to look at. i heard a couple of stories at new wine, where women had been left without curacies, one even considered retraining for something else. no-one in ridley was in that position though, so..........

i wonder what God's got for me.


Rachel Marszalek said...

Praying...much love, Rach

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dennisthemennis.co.uk said...

I can only imagine what God has for you "something amazing" lets hope the powers that be recognise that.