facebook church poem

what does it mean to be church?

gosh, i really do not know
what this is all about
i shall ask some clever people
and see if they can work it out

the church is full of all the things
you hope to leave behind
emptiness and guilt...
a broken family you'll find

the church is given lots of things
we hope that it will do
acceptance, joy and hope, we pray
and a bit of sharing too

the church is given lots of words
we hope that it will be
the body, human, saved, alive
a REAL community

this worshipping community
this messy, broken home
this inconsistent family
may not do all these things
perhaps we do need messiness
(not red bull) to give us wings

we have bishops who can tell us
to be a united family
and from whom we hope to witness
kenotic vulnerability

so it seems we think there's hope for
this dysfunctional unity
that one day we will come alive
and act like we're redeemed

with thanks to david c, tiffer, dan, abi, phil g, sarah, terry, mark b, adrian, tash, alli, derek, simon r, nat, lesley h, greg, vicky, mike, christian, jo, beardy phil, eleanor, barrie, peterson, al and sue - for providing me with words via facebook

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Simon said...

The true church is a church with no buildings, composed merely of all true believers in Jesus Christ!