inspire someone today.....

i've been really pleased to see the stories of inspiration that sophianetwork have been putting up over the last few weeks.

it is so important for girls and women who have leadership skills, are affirmed in that part of who they are. too often girls who are leaders are told that they are 'bossy' and learn to hide this part of themselves in order to become more acceptable to the 'group'. it isn't just a church problem, although it is particularly in church that this behaviour is actively encouraged so that girls and boys know their place and the sky doesn't fall in.

i particularly liked the challenge give to us by sally hitchiner, in which she tells us how important a young male youth worker was when she was a teenager. one of the issues facing girl and women is how reluctant men can be to mentor them. whether it is as a teenager who finds that a twenty-something man shies away from her because of worries that it might be perceived as inappropriate, or the woman who isn't offered mentoring in leadership for the same reason. not to mention the informal leadership networks that revolve around going for a drink, to which women are not naturally invited.

whilst there are women who are our role models and mentors, the reality is that there are more men in the church who are in the positions of leadership and so it is really important that the men in our lives step up to the mark and be part of our story.

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