more than evangelical?

Some friends of mine on a fulcrum forum have suggested that there is no such thing as being more than evangelical.

Either, it was suggested, you dilute the gospel, which, inherently should lead you to evangelical convictions, you end up simply being an evangelical by name, but who doesn't commit to what the name 'evangelical' inherently means - ie conservative. Or perhaps you might claim to be 'radical' but are in fact, just another conservative.

The vision of this blog and website is to rediscover our radical nature, which I do believe is inherent within the 'evangelical' name. Rediscovering what it is to be searching and journeying through Christian discipleship - searching for the paradigm of God on earth, critiquing the paradigms that we find ourselves in by warrant of being creatures not yet perfected in Christ.

In some ways I am extremely conservative. I don't believe in using proof texts of Scripture to make a point; if we haven't figured out by now that for every text affirming something then there is one damning it, then we haven't read our Bibles with our eyes open! I believe that reading the Bible as a whole is extremely important to our interpretation of the truth within it. I don't think that playing fast and loose with proof texts is very helpful.

In other ways I am radical, rejecting either modernity or post-modernity as the ultimate paradigm on which to found my discipleship - although that is thoroughly problematic as I find myself with a foot in both camps.

And maybe that is the point. To be 'more' than evangelical might be the road that we all must attempt to navigate in order to be on the road to finding the Reality which the other paradigms image penultimately and only partly - the ultimate Paradigm, the Kingdom of God.


seeker said...

Well put Jody, very thought -provoking and encouraging.

I have long found Evangelicalism to be far from Gospel in practice, on the ground --so right-wing and life denying( look at 'Alpha'). So against minorities and Kin-dom building.

Your piece raises my hopes a bit--for those still within its scope ....

jody said...

thanks seeker

i'm all for walking the middle way - others doing the same are people like mars hill(www.marshill.com) who give us all hope, and others mentioned on my various pages at www.radical-evangelical.org.uk.

keep seeking