early easter thoughts

Dave at cartoonchurch has drawn my attention to the chocolate Jesus controversy and this made me think about something else that I'd learnt this week.

It had completely bypassed my Christian knowledge of 'very good theological reasons why we really are allowed to have things like Christmas trees, Easter eggs, parties at Halloween', that Easter eggs are meant to represent the empty tomb.

The idea being that because chocolate Easter eggs are hollow inside, that we remember that when the Marys went to the tomb, they found that it was empty, Jesus is risen, Hallelujah.

The only problem with this - Easter eggs aren't actually normally empty, are they? They normally have some sugary confection inside them related to the brand name that has sold them to us.

That reminds me of this story and gives me the idea that, quite often, people try to sell us the sweet sugary version of Jesus' life, death and resurrection, rather than the mucky, messy, real version that is much harder to swallow.

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