who's right and who's wrong and how much does it really matter?

it strikes me that this is one of the main questions going on in the CofE today. And probably it's the last question that gets us all hot under the collar about things - how much does it really matter?

there is another question of course - how do we figure out whether 'it' matters or not.

with the issues surrounding sexuality there seem to be evangelical Christians who think that sin in regard to sexuality gets you a ticket straight to, well, the fiery place. I, personally don't think that this is the case, whilst I would be considered 'orthodox' on sexuality - positively conservative in fact, or perhaps... radical?

I am a sinner, it's true. There will be sin in me which I don't recognise as sin, and which I might not recognise as sin until I die. If God cannot see past that to a heart intent on following Him with all its inconsistencies, well then I am in serious trouble!

I am following a conversation going on at the moment between Giles Goddard (Inclusive Church) and Andrew Goddard (Fulcrum)http://www.fulcrum-anglican.org.uk/news/2007/20070117goddard2goddard.cfm?doc=181, this is a gracious conversation between friends who disagree, I'm not sure where it will go exactly, I don't think either of them do - and that's the beauty, this isn't a conversation where the end has been mapped out by either of them, whilst they are honest about their positions, it really is a 'listening' conversation.

something I think we could do with more of....

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