fulcrum and dust

off to the Fulcrum conference today - Elaine Storkey and Rowan Williams on 'being disciples'.

yesterday I watched 'Dust' one of the nooma videos by Rob Bell, pastor of Mars Hill in the states, which is all about 'being a disciple'.

one of the things that struck me most deeply was this idea that the important thing is not that 'I believe in God', but that 'God believes in me'. The very fact that Jesus believes that I can be his disciple, that he believes I can do the things that he does, means that I can be his disciple and do the things that he does - be like him.

for the philisophical among you, it is the idea that we only live and breathe and be because God sees us - he blinks, we're gone.

and when we look at others, or ourselves even, we are simply participating in seeing what God sees - or we should be.

this is the very anti-thesis of 'self-belief', that mantra of the post-modern age. this is stepping into God-belief in you.

Jesus says, 'Come, follow me' - so, step up, jump in, enjoy the ride.

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