Louis Theroux is a genius, I tell you....a genius!

Last night I watched Louis Theroux meet 'the most hated family in America'.

Having gone to the website of this cult group, I thoroughly suggest you do not.

Louis Theroux has an amazing talent. He gently and, well almost innocently says to people that they are weird and crazy, but gets away with it! Genius.

The strapline of this cult group is 'God hates you' and it struck me that there are some Christians who deep down, believe this and teach it (see my recent post) Perhaps the idea that, really, God hates us, is not so far from anyone's psyche.

here is the truth, shout it loud from the rooftops in Holy Week:


The cheesiest of bumper stickers and church notice boards may have left us de-sensitised to the enormity of this statement, so just read it again...slowly:


yes he does.

There are some good notes here, for meditation this Holy Week.

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