so apparently the swimming didn't clear my head enough the other day and this probably contributed to the slight meltdown that occurred this morning.

things contributing to meltdown scenario:

1. children are going through a developmental state which necessitates them being little 'horrors'.
2. someone I know died this week - not a close friend, but still weird.
3. am completely pre-menstrual.

the actual meltdown just consisted of me having a rant and probably smoke coming out of my ears - thankfully there were not too many people around to see it and those that allowed me to rant are people that I can now return to and show that I really am a lovely calm person - really.

lessons learned:

1. instigate 'zero tolerance' procedure with said lovely sunbeams of mine.
2. remember that grief comes in all shapes and sizes.
3. breathe deeply at all times - remembering not to hyperventilate.

feeling better already

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