it is time to ask open evangelicals whether blood is thicker than water

this is the question laid down on michael jenson's blog (linked to from ugleyvicar) in yet another 'call to arms' type stylee, which seems to be getting par for the course in CofE evangelical circles these days.

and you know what, I'm finding it very very boring.

michael even suggests that Fulcrum (OE website) seems to give the impression that CEs are the only enemy.

seriously, get over yourself.

I don't know how many times I have to say it, this is not about you. sheesh, anyone would think that I didn't have better things to do than to nitpick at my siblings.

here's the deal - imagine my suprise as a run of the mill evangelical Christian, when a new vicar comes to town and suddenly I'm a liberal. except I'm not a liberal, no, that would be just about bearable, no, worse I'm an open evangelical! a traitor in the ranks.

but still I refuse to fight, although I will continue to serve Jesus as he has asked me to. This may look like 'fighting' because it is active resistence to being silenced. This may mean that I come into contact with those who wish to silence my voice as an evangelical, call me names, throw the first stone. so be it.

and in answer to the question 'is blood thicker than water', no - but bread and wine are.

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