indwelling of the word

andy goodliff has started a meme on 'living out scripture', so here is my contribution:

my scripture is Exodus 3 and 4, okay, I know it's a long one, but it is important to have it in context :-) and it is particularly the part where Moses gives all the excuses why he is not the right one for the job.

this scripture started invading me when I was about 20 and I had been asked to give my testimony up the front of church. I had said 'yes' because, well I don't know what possessed me really, but I had said 'yes'. Then I had a wobbly and thought I would back out, and that evening at bible study, this scripture was given 'who made the human mouth?....I will teach you what you will say.' powerful stuff.

for a long time I've been terrified of speaking in front of people - bit of a problem if God's calling you to his people - and I used it as a barrier to exploring that call for a long time. but just as this passage told me what I needed to know when simply standing up and giving my testimony, it continues to tell me what I need to know - 'I will be with you'.

where God calls, God equips - easy to say, not so easy to believe, especially when where God is calling you is well outside your comfort zone.

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