to be ordained, or not to be ordained, that is the question...

so the CEs (Conservative Evangelicals) are stirring it up again. this time, instead of the bishop refusing to ordain the men (it's always men) that they put forward, as in the Coekin case, the bishop - John Gladwin - was willing to ordain Richard Wood, but Richard Wood, whilst willing to be ordained, would not receive communion from Bish Gladwin, an integral part of the ordination ceremony. Bish Gladwin's views on gay people is not in line with theirs so this is the outcome.

sound complicated? sound bizarre? quite.

dave walker has done a fantastic cartoon as usual, which sums up the spirit behind all this admirably. it also has all the links to the various documents and articles.

I have to say that I find the use of sacrament as a tool of protest, at best, misguided and, at worst, blasphemy. I don't see any justification for this use of a gift given to unite us - to use it for disunity seems vile to me.

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