it's asbojesus time again

more wisdom from asbojesus.

ah, but we do like to judge each other don't we?

I think I've made it fairly clear in the past couple of weeks that my heart is for reconciliation, but I do think about this a lot. it is on my heart that reconciliation comes with a reality check for all of us. as I said to my husband recently, I more than know which phrases I need to use to get up the nose of someone more conservative in theology - do you know what it's like? it's like family, my kids know exactly which buttons to press. gosh, anyone would think that's what we're called to be - family: brothers and sisters.

of course, I also love my children with every breath that I breathe. they make me laugh til I ache, and they make it all make sense sometimes.

and when my son is kicking off I tell him that because I love him so much I can't let him behave in such a self-destructive way - he then ends up on the bottom step.

it's all family, it's all love, it's all hard.

and it's Church.

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