um, excuse me, but I didn't agree to that

that's the CEEC statement regarding the TEC/Lambeth conference debate.

basically CEEC seem to be inciting people to not attend Lambeth - well when I say 'people', I of course mean bishops, but I'm led to believe that they still fit that category :-)

anyway, well, I suppose I can accept that this is an opinion that people hold, I understand the difficulties surrounding TEC's response to the Dar es Salaam communique, I'm not dim.

what does slightly get on my wick is that the CEEC says this:

CEEC is the representative body for evangelicals in the Church of England.

to which I wish to say:

well, okay, but if you represent me then, um, excuse me, but I didn't agree to that.

I personally think that the bishops should go to the party, much like bishop alan said yesterday on that post we were all instructed to go and read, it might be a good idea for us to do that again, it seems some of us weren't listening. but in lieu of people doing that, here is a cartoon from dave.

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