I'm back! and the anglicans are still behaving badly

sorry for being 'off-line' for so long, I've been sooooo busy, but I'm sure you all have too, so here is a new year (well almost) and I have a little more headspace now that Christmas Day has passed and anything forgotten will have to stay forgot.

well it comes as no surprise, but I'm always frustrated by it, that CEs are again trying to do some kind of pre-emptive strike on the bid for unity to remain in the AC. This time it is a 'no it's not another Lambeth conference, but really it is' conference. Set for June 08 (yes, before the REAL one) and with all the usual names involved, it is called the, wait for it:

Global Anglican Future Conference

or GAFCON for short.

anyone else raise an eyebrow at that? I admit to having a little snigger - it surely is, after all, just one more gaf for the CE movement, no doubt it will raise the ire of all other evangelicals, for whom it will no doubtedly try to say it is for. It also sounds rather like some military speak for upping anti on weaponry:

crackle 'it's no use sir, we have to go to GAFCON 4' crackle

really guys, it's not big and it's not clever.

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