gr8 2 b ur m8 lol ;-)

in the age of technology and all that, it can be hard to have a bit of space to let your brain grow and to let the silence in long enough for God's messages to be heard in more than short sharp bursts.

yesterday I said sorry for being off-line for so long, but actually, I'm not. it gave me some much needed re-alignment not to mention proving to myself that I'm really not addicted to the internet :-) and allowing for Christmas shopping, sermon writing, party going, tree installing merriment.

I've diligently been reading through maggi's book, and enjoying it greatly, so many little nuggets of wisdom in one book I rarely find, and it also lifted my spirits in terms of the caliber of bible study notes that it is possible to find (some of them make me want to poke myself in the eye....sorry, but they do) it's been quite refreshing to simply sit and read one little bit each day, light my advent candle, ponder these things.

don't get me wrong, I think that the internet is fab, ahem, I like the fact that I've met people over the blogosphere or some forum who I now consider actual real friends, some who I've met now in the flesh, so to speak. isn't that just brilliant?! I love that. I love that I can access stuff which I would never have been able to access just 5 years ago. I've just signed up to the podcast from mars hill, I can listen to someone speaking thousands of miles away within a few days of them speaking, it is just totally awesome and I can't quite get my head around it.

still the fact that I can listen to rob bell, or whoever, or access who knows what kind of information about what this or that christian grouping are doing yesterday, today or tomorrow, must have a kind of warning attached to it. it is by warrant of this global community that various christian 'tribes' in various parts of the world can discover so easily what such and such other 'tribe' is doing, form an opinion that they 'don't like it' and join up with other 'tribes' hollering warfare, only now it's global warfare.

I, of course, can't speak too loudly, because I get involved in the politics of church as much as the next blogger, but it doesn't mean that I don't question it sometimes. I hope that I am involved on a church politics level only as much as I am concerned as to its effect on the local church. it grieves me when I see the micropolitics of local church being influenced by something going on in the global sphere and most people in the local church don't have any knowledge of the fact. at that level, I am pleased that I have access to things on the other side of the world and even in my own patch that I otherwise would have no clue about.

still, stillness is good, ignorance can (sometimes) be bliss and a knowledgable removal of ourselves from global warfare, not a bad thing.

now, where's that ipod?


Phil Groom said...

Hi Jody - just found you here via facebook and Dave Walker's anglican blog group... challenge for you: fancy writing a review of that book of Maggi's you mention for the UKCBD reviews section, please?

Think of it as early for Advent this year rather than late for last year ;)

Will link back to your blog, of course.


jody said...

I'd be glad to do that Phil, drop me an email. (jody@radical-evangelical.org.uk)

:-) Jody