being a good Scot, I celebrated hogmanay and not new year's eve a few nights ago, not that it seems to be any different to the traditional english way of celebrating it - good friends, good food, a few glasses of wine and a game or two.

to be fair I was celebrating it in england, and there was an austrian present, so I think there was some cross cultural stuff going on.

and I know that it is a bit of a cliche but thinking about the past year and looking on to the next one seems to be good practice in life generally, and particularly for those of us who are followers of Christ. for me it seems that my faith is bound up in what it means to say that Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday and for ever. I am first and foremost a 'present' person, living today, enjoying today, glorifying God today and secondly I am confident of the 'for ever' because 'yesterday' God showed up. I am hopeful of the future, because in the past God is faithful. My present rests in between those things and it is richer for it.

My present is made in the likeness of the day that is to come, just as all 'adams' are made in the likeness of the one who was to come. one day we will be like Christ. one day all 'days' will be God's Day.

my present days, now, are foreshadows of the New Day when God will make all things new, bring sight for the blind, sound for the deaf and set all that is captive free.

so I celebrate hogmanay, new year's eve....whatever, because it holds me in the present and reminds me of the God who is at once today, yesterday and for ever....and because one day it really will be New Year's Day.

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