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I'm blog lite at the minute, mainly due to a significantly reduced deadline for a piece of work I need to do. this will continue from now until december.

this does not mean that I am oblivious to things 'going on' in the anglican communion, church of england, general synod....brighton.

for some reason I've read a couple of blogposts recently that are talking about the new frontiers conference in brighton and how mark driscoll is one of the main speakers and the agenda is, guess what? women in leadership.

actually no, that's not quite right, because nf don't even need to have that discussion, unlike the CofE, because they've already decided that leadership is the realm of men.

so for all the frustration, on all sides, about the decisions made last week in gs, it seems we should be grateful that it is even something that is up for discussion.

I suppose I should count myself lucky.

I wonder if the irony that all these decisions about women tend to get made by a bunch of men is ever commented on in an all male context.

time for a short interlude.

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diggergirl said...

For one reason or another, I ended up at the NFI leadership conference in Brighton 2 years ago. At the end of the conference we were all packed into the auditorium, and Terry was praying for various groups of people. At one point, he asked all those with a teaching gift to stand so he could pray for them.... so I stood!! Me and about 600 men :D I am still very proud of that moment!