you know you've lost the plot when...

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Botogol said...

OK, I'm puzzled! Lost the plot in what way?

Botogol said...
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jody said...


i guess i meant that this guys christian friends had not communicated very well because being 'sound' had kinda got in the way of the main thing (that's jesus btw : )

of course i am guilty of this far too much, so it was a reminder for us all......... (ps don't know what happened to your second post, I didn't remove it.....)

Botogol said...

I guess the points I was making in my post were

1) Like many Christians, it's unclear what, exactly, my friends do believe in - and I am not sure that they themselves are clear (I don't think it's a communication issue, actually)

2) Religion can provide a veneer of respectability for views that in other contexts (eg at work) we would not be prepared to tolerate. For instance a resistance to women in positions of authority.

(my other comment was an accident, and I deleted it myself!)

jody said...

hi botogol

yes, i agree with you.

i always think that seeking is the natural state of the christ follower - i struggle with rigid certainty from the fundamentalist christian or the fundamentalist atheist actually :-)

blessings to you