just returned from our fab holiday in cyprus. rested and feeling ready for the next month. in fact i was going to blog today on the mixture of feelings that i've had over the last month with regards to ministry etc - it's been a little bit of a roller coaster in terms of moments of excitement and moments of 'what the hell am i doing?', all fairly usual stuff i'm sure, after all no-one goes into this not knowing that it is a big life thing.

like i said, that's what i was going to blog about.

but something else came up, my brain was all geared up for BAP and putting my energy into making sure i was ready for that, and then i found out that my mum has quite a serious heart problem, her aortic valve is leaking apparently, which has caused an enlargement of the heart. in some cases the leaky valve can be sorted with medication, but in others it's open heart surgery, bypass - all those words that sound quite big. we'll find out in the next few days which it is for her.

i sometimes wonder what blogging is for - am i writing for you, am i writing for me, am i writing a diary or something else? well today this is just an offering of something going on in my life, i felt the need to write it down for me, it's a life moment.


dennisthemennis.co.uk said...

Hey Jody, hope it doesnt sound wrong of me to say Sorry about your mum! mate I will pray for her today.

I always wonder why I blog for the same reasons you have, I have come to the conclusion that I do it for me and others seem to get something out of it. Its your honesty that spoke to me today through what you wrote and I guess you never even thought that I "me" or anyone else would get anything from it but I did! so keep blogging.

jody said...

thanks dennis, it sounds like it's a 'middlin' problem for my mum - definitely appreciate the prayers. the treatment ranges from the minor to the major, so we'll just have to see.

yes, blogging is a mystery sometimes, but I like it :-)