we're all going on a summer holiday....

we are fairly rubbish at organising holidays, so at the beginning of this year we said to each other - this year, we will plan ahead!

so in june (yes, it transpires we're still rubbish at planning holidays...) I trotted off to the travel agents to try to find a villa in italy - the young lass looked at me slightly incredulously as she said 'for this year?'

so, apparently italy is not somewhere you can book two months before you plan to go - see I think that is still fairly well in advance, we have done the lake district on lastminute.com organised the week before!

anyway, after a little staring at her computer, resembling david walliams 'computer says no' travel agent, we found a villa in cyprus - woohoo!

since we had the kids we've not really done going abroad, it hasn't bothered us that much, apart from the inevitable guilt about the horrendous carbon footprint that we will now have, we like being together and it hasn't worried us where we go that much.

but I can't wait, I'm very excited - yay!

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