prophetic practice

one of the fantastic things that I went to at new wine was a seminar, over two mornings, on prophecy. it was taken by mark aldridge, who emanated warmth, gentleness and humour - things which I value very highly. his stories did not only include the successes, but also the failures and also the knowledge that he still sometimes gets it wrong even though he's been practicising this ministry for over 20 years. but you could tell that mostly he gets it right, and that he is very practised at hearing God's voice.

it really was something that made you thirsty for that way of hearing God and ministering to his world.

so, I am going to undertake something that he suggested for those who want to exercise this ministry. he suggested that you start by trying to prophesy your day - I know, at first it sounds ever so slightly weird. but I did trust this guy, he seemed to know what he was talking about, and I do think that these are things that you have to practice, so I'm going to try it.

and you're going to get to see what happens!

with notebook in hand, I asked God this morning if there was anything he wanted to tell me. admittedly it was slightly difficult with the kids mumping around because they're slightly tired and irritable.

so here's what I got:

1. sunshine
2. a name of a friend

yup, nothing hugely spectacular, especially when I looked out the window and the rain was coming down so persistently I couldn't believe that the sun was ever going to shine - of course I did smile slightly when, at one 'o ' clock this afternoon the sun shone brightly. I had a sense that my friend's name was something about telling them that they're in the right job or doing it well, or something like that, but I think I will pray for them and wait and see.

so there you go, make what you will of it, but I am going to keep going, who knows what might happen - perhaps God will speak?

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